Friday, September 15, 2017

State of the Tavern

Cybertavern patrons, As you may have noticed, my posts on this blog have slowed down to a rather embarassing degree. Time to address this!

Chapter 19 of Multiverse Desperado hasn't gone up despite it basically being halfway done. And no, it isn't the daunting task of basically telling a massive multimedia crossover narrative, I have things at least two Jumps ahead in advance and got some surprises in store.

Animation Deviation was supposed to come back, but has been dead since the time I talked about Re: Zero months ago. In fact two of the ones planned was for Season 4 of Bojack Horseman and my very first impressions of what many consider to be the trendsetting “person trapped in a video game” series .hack//SIGN.

And Sidequest Corner has basically turned into a Game Industry Current Events Hot Take column. Griping about a book that is getting made into a movie that I think is overrated. Talking about DLC practices, etc.. It's gotten to the point where the very rules I set up for the column have basically become meaningless.

As for my Friday night streams on Twitch, aside from some nights where I get an advanced copy from a studio for streaming purposes, like for example me getting Dishonored: Death of the Outsider an entire month early to show it off, it's basically a ghost town of me just playing through old stuff no one cares about. Because all streaming channels are chasing after trends and, failing that, propagating hurtful and anti-semitic rhetoric to a large and impressionable audience that will defend them to no end because of their stupendously large charisma. As well as an informal bordering on non-existent form of press quality control on the streaming community that is becoming more and more problematic that it's leading to major studios bringing such terrible behavior to a head, destroying the notion of YouTube personalities as the Wild West of game coverage and criticism as we know it.

But this is not a resignation of my post here at the Cybertavern. Of course it can't be, I've put a lot of work into my prose here, and if you haven't noticed, I appreciate me some good prose.

This is more a re-assessment of my dedication to various staples I have here. Why such a change? Because from September til December I am going to be busy as hell. Major game releases are coming out of the pipes and in addition to putting the time aside to play usually large experiences and then expressing my thoughts in a digestible manner to a readership, I have an entire staff of writers that I need to keep on point as well. Not to mention working with various other sectors of the site to figure out the best means to cover the latest AAA releases, developer interviews, PR outreach and a bunch of other boring and meticulous behind-the-scenes elements that goes into actually doing this stuff.

Seriously though, in October I will be attending the local Save Against Fear convention and there will be pics and prose and it will be glorious and life-affirming, I can just freaking tell.

Which means a lot of the more rapidfire stuff I've been cranking out here will go on the way side.

First and foremost:

Multiverse Desperado will be coming out once every two weeks starting now. It's a giant stress ball of nerd crazy and I love it to death, the last thing I want to do is see it die on the grapevine.

Animation Deviation will be once a month. Yes, the first one will be about Bojack Horseman Season 4 and the series as a whole. I just wrapped it up and it is fresh in my head.

Sidequest Corner will be suspended indefinitely until things slow down. If I write about game related stuff here, it means creative energy will not be going into The Game Fanatics, and that's just not good form.

I hope you all understand these changes and stay tuned next Monday for Chapter 19 and for other more minor posts I will attempt to sprinkle throughout.

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